Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Business lobby slams Budget as lost opportunity

Business is the big loser out of last night's budget.

Without a sweetener in sight, business groups are now expected to ramp up their campaign against the government.

The Business Council of Australia, which represents Australia top one hundred companies, says it has no reason to believe the budget will return to surplus by 2016.

The BCA's chief executive Jennifer Westacott says the Budget was a lost opportunity to put the economy on a stable footing and thinks the government will continue to "muddle along".

Listen to my interview with Jennifer Westacott broadcast this morning on AM.

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  1. Actually wanted to comment on your article on Gina...

    ... this is coming from the very person who uses our beautiful northwest of Western Australia as her own personal ATM

    perhaps it is her own archaic royalty arrangement that needs looking at?


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