Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Singo backs Gina Rinehart for Fairfax Media board; says charter of independence is 'double dutch'.

Gina Rinehart confidante and former Fairfax board member, John SIngleton has backed the mining magnate's bid for three seats on the Fairfax Media board.

The colourful media proprietor has rebuffed criticism of Mrs Rinehart's growing majority ownership of the company and has supported her right to influence editorial agenda.

In a wide-ranging interview broadcast on the ABC's AM program, Mr Singleton described Fairfax's charter of editorial independence as "double dutch".

In another development today, a source close to the Fairfax board said Mrs Rinehart's demand for three boardroom seats was "unacceptable" that that the board "would not be bullied" on the issue of editorial independence.

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