Sunday, October 16, 2011

Midmarket companies - Australia's trillion dollar sector - best placed amid global uncertainty. Also unfazed about carbon tax fallout.

Much of the current debate on Australia's two (on indeed multi) speed economy more often than not focusses on challenges facing big business and minnow sized small companies.

But in the face of global and local uncertainty, the companies in the middle - known as the midmarket sector - appear to be best placed to withstand any fallout from Europe's debt crisis.

According to a report by GE Capital, Australia's midmarket companies turn over more than a trillion dollars a year contributing more than three million jobs.

And despite the current emotional debate in some quarters, most mimarket companies are also unfazed by the carbon tax and instead see it as an opportunity.

I spoke with GE Capital's managing director in Australia and New Zealand, Skander Malcolm, in this interview aired on AM. 

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