Friday, August 12, 2011

Analysis on US credit rating downgrade Sat 6 August 2011.

From 2 August 2011. US Congress ends debt ceiling impasse; RBA to make close call on rates.

Interview: Risk analyst reviews volatile trading week, Europe's debt time bomb and the approaching moment of truth for the European Union.

The wild swings on sharemarkets over the past ten trading days have left even the supposed financial experts gasping for air.

But today, as the world takes a temporary breather from the volatility, perhaps it's time to assess the long term fallout not just for the United States, but Europe.

The risk analyst Satyajit Das last spoke on The World Today a week ago as the share market turmoil started to take hold.

He was back with me today to review a tumultous week on global financial markets.

Click here to listen to the interview broadcast on The World Today.

The EU's market regulator bans short selling to stem trading in rumours

The European Securities and Markets Authority has banned short selling in Belgium, France, Italy and Spain.

The move comes after unsubstantiated rumours about the health of French banks saw heavy selling in French banks such as Societe Generale.

THE ESMA says it will take a firm stance against any traders found to be spreading rumours that add to an already volatile market.

The New York Post's view of sharemarket volatility over the past week. I couldn't possibly comment ....

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Risk analyst says tough decisions needed to tame world debt crisis.

Analysis: What's behind the global market losses? ABC Business editor Peter Ryan explains.

Analysis: US Congress passes debt ceiling deal, narrowing avoiding default. Australia's RBA to make tight call on interest rates. 2 August 2011.

National Australia Bank chief Cameron Clyne monitoring jobless rate as local economic indicators soften; the Australian dollar's rollercoaster ride - dips below parity with the greenback

Australia's Future Fund chairman David Murray warns global volatilty could take up to 20 years to unwind; warns superannuation investors they shouldn't try to trade out of the global rout.

Australia's unemployment rate climbs to 5.1 percent. Interest rates to remain on hold and talk of a possible rates cut gains momentum

European markets plunge on French bank rumours; Rupert Murdoch endorses Chase Carey as his successor, sidelines son James.